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Detailed Product Description: salsa dance dress

we have more than 1000 new collection sexy Salsa dance gown.accept mini Salsa attires OEM order

Salsa gown provider

Fabric: Often we use lycra/mesh/chiffon/satin.

Color: You can change the color as you like.

Stone:Korean Stones/Swarovski can select what you need.

Size:Customize/Regular for option

Customize style:If you need Customize style or some modification for style.

Bra cups & underpants underneath with snap on buttons.

All of our dresses are hand-made, NOT machine no identical products can be made.
Please kindly note that all decorations including flower appliques , stone pattern, neck ,arm accessories (if any) will vary during production. Our designers will determine how to put them on so as to get the best effect.

Ordering Procedures :
The Mnimum order sart from 1PC, Please just send us an E-mail.
Buyers need to supply the complete and correct measurements before we can start the production.

Shipping Time & Cost
We ship to worldwide via DHL
Production time is about 15-20 days after confirming customers payment.
The shipping cost are the responsibility of our customer.

Costumer Service :
Should you have any queries, please contact us. Please allow 12-24 hours for us to respond to your enquiries, as there is a time difference between Hong Kong and other countries.

Picture Accuracy :
Actual item will look the same as the picture, however, there may be slight variations in colors due to lighting effect during photo taking or bidder’s monitor setting.

Return Policy :
We do accept the return for the product damaged by factory fault within 7 days after received. Should you have any queries, please contact us for negotiation.

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